About insurance and billing

Prometheus partners with patients to help make the billing process as smooth as possible. Our billing specialists can answer your billing questions and help assess which financial program may be the best for you. No matter what type of insurance you have, we can help you find the services and support programs that may fit your needs. Below is a summary of the possible programs available through Prometheus. Please note that not all programs are available to every patient for every test.

  • PROMETHEUS® Links™ Program:
    • Will file multiple appeals, if applicable, on the patient’s behalf and, if the patient’s insurance still denies the claim, may cap the out-of-pocket at $250
    • May help remove the balance above the charges allowed by your insurance company (the allowable)
    • May further reduce out-of-pocket costs based on the patient’s income level
  • Self Pay Program:
    • Offers a 25% discount to patients who do not have insurance coverage
  • Other:
    • No-interest payment plan available
    • Potential discounts off balances (not inclusive of co-pays, deductibles, or coinsurance)

To find out how our billing specialists can help you, contact our billing department.